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Shareit vault is developed by Lenovo. It is actually a next-level data protection application that has been designed for users who are willing to maintain privacy in the best manner. The best part about this application is that it is mainly available for the iOS devices and also it helps a lot in saving the space as well. Along with all this, it is very safe and easy to use. With the help of this application, you can easily protect your photos, videos, and other media stuff from all the unwanted interruptions. It is basically designed with the motive to protect your content. As soon as you start storing your pictures in the shareit vault then they become protected from the prying eyes.


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What exactly the shareit vault is?

Without using the right passcode for the vault, you cannot not to the media stuff and other valuable information that has been stored. Sometimes it happens that we end up blocking the pictures and other media stuff in the cupboard so that no unwanted intrusion can occur. Similarly, the Shareit vault is designed with the motive to keep the data protected with the help of a pin or password. All the files get locked digitally in the virtual volt of the smartphone.

What are the major features of the shareit vault?

  • It helps a lot in keeping your privacy protected
  • It always ensures that your work data is secured properly including all the media is tough
  • With the help of this vault, you can easily import and export the data and media.
  • You can easily share your media from one device to another without facing any sort of complexities.

What is the method to use shareit vault on iPhone?

In order to use this application, you do not need to follow any complex procedure. Using this application is very simple and easy. It allows you to lock the stored pictures and videos that you are not willing to be accessible to unauthorized persons.

Apart from this, there is a security question that is required to be answered. And also it needs you to set a passcode that is actually protected. Apart from this, just by touching the plus icon, you can easily browse your picture album on your iPhone. If you want then you can also delete the photos and pictures from the vault. To lock down the app you can also visit the shareit application.

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What is the method of unlocking the content in the Vault application?

First of all, you need to touch the edit icon that is available in the top right-hand side corner of the application. Thereafter you need to choose the undo button so that the pictures can easily be moved towards the standard camera roll section of your iPhone.

Is there any sort of alternative available for the shareit world application?

  • You can easily find similar applications in the app store that can help you out in locking up your photos and videos with the help of a pin or password.
  • However, whenever it comes to having a reliable application that can help you out in maintaining the security of the sensitive data, the shareit vault is the best application to choose from.
  • The best part about this software is that it is available for free of cost and it just takes 4.19 MB space in your device.
  • Yes, it helps you a lot in saving space.
  • You can easily download this application from the app store just by clicking on the green button.
  • In order to upgrade this application, you do not need to go through any complex procedure

Hence, this was all about the shareit vault application available for you. This application has a lot in keeping your data protected.

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