How to Download/Install SHAREit for PC? | SHAREit for PC |

SHAREit refers to the program with a revolutionary technology that helps in file sharing. It works as a competitor to other methods of sharing files and its traditional counterparts like Bluetooth, NFC, or USB. The most remarkable part of the share is that it is superior to its predecessors and offers faster speeds when compared to Bluetooth and other protocols. SHAREit has a better capability and is currently supporting around 1.5 billion users worldwide.

It is ranked in the top 10 most downloaded apps on Google Play. The file-sharing platform will support multi-platform use thus connecting to different devices and transferring files in between. It is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

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SHAREit Alternatives | Best Shareit Alternatives |

Whether you have to share different formats of files, or you have to search the latest streams these days, SHAREit is ruling the world at this moment. being introduced by Lenovo, it is an app that brings up the ease of file sharing for different operating systems. You don’t need to worry about the operating system you have, just install and start using the app without any issues.

Though the app is quite good and works fine, it seems to be bloated with ads and different unwanted features and that is quite enough for shifting up the user’s interest from it. If you are currently looking for some best SHAREit alternatives, let’s get the best five for you.

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SHAREit Vault | Download Shareit Vault |

Shareit vault is developed by Lenovo. It is actually a next-level data protection application that has been designed for users who are willing to maintain privacy in the best manner. The best part about this application is that it is mainly available for the iOS devices and also it helps a lot in saving the space as well. Along with all this, it is very safe and easy to use. With the help of this application, you can easily protect your photos, videos, and other media stuff from all the unwanted interruptions. It is basically designed with the motive to protect your content. As soon as you start storing your pictures in the shareit vault then they become protected from the prying eyes.

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